Message to Trump: Hold firm and defend America… no funding for government without funding for a wall

At times like this, President Trump needs to know how much the real people of America support his resolve to defend America’s borders and halt the scourge of illegal immigration that enables drug trafficking, human trafficking and the illegal weapons trade to harm the American people.

Under assault from every conceivable angle, President Trump is the one sane person in Washington D.C. who is willing to put everything on the line to protect our nation from lawlessness and violence. While left-wing mayors and governors are aiding and abetting criminal felons through the use of “sanctuary” cities and states, only Donald J. Trump has the fortitude to stand strong, even in the face of a blithering mob of left-wing idiots who are willing to commit national suicide in order to attract more illegal voters to their pathetic ranks.

Call your representatives in Washington today and tell them you support Trump standing firm on the border wall. The capitol switchboard phone number is (202) 224-3121. Call today and urge your Senators to support border protection.

You can also email the White House at this link.

Comments for the White House can be called in at 202-456-1111.

If Trump caves, he will lose the 2020 election and the American people will lose their country… if he holds firm, he proves why America needs an outsider to shake up Washington D.C.

Importantly, if President Trump caves to the deranged left-wing media and the utterly treasonous Democrats who openly call for America to be invaded and overrun by illegals, he will almost certainly lose the 2020 election.

On the other hand, if he holds firm and shows his determination in the face of extreme pressure, he then demonstrates precisely the kind of personal fortitude we need in Washington D.C. The American people are fed up with spineless RINOs and weak-willed bureaucrats who fold faster than a wet napkin. We need real leaders to stand up for real America — the America of working families, taxpayers, homeowners and citizens who are under constant threat from violent criminal felons who enter the United States illegally, bringing deadly opioid drugs, meth and heroin to sell to America’s youth.

The American people understand that we are a nation under siege. The situation is beyond an emergency or even a crisis. It is very nearly a strategic invasion and occupation of America by enemy forces who are determined to obliterate our democracy, overthrow our republic, abolish the Constitution and send this nation into a downward spiral of poverty and violence that resembles the devastating collapse now unfolding in Venezuela.

If we do not stop illegal immigration into our country, America is lost. We will become the next Venezuela… especially with utterly deranged lunatic members of Congress like Ocasio-Cortez in charge, whose “New Green Deal” plan would cost 3,600 times more money than building the border wall.

Lawless Democrats are insane, incompetent and should be rounded up and thrown in prison for aiding and abetting illegal criminal felons

Democrats are insane. They are lawless. They destroy everything they touch, and America is now in their cross hairs. They don’t want America’s border protected for the simple reason that they don’t want America to survive in the first place. They actively seek the destruction of this great nation and the toppling of our great president. They are, truthfully stated, enemy collaborators who are engaged in a coordinated insurrection against the United States of America.

If Democrats continue to aid and abet illegal foreign nationals, we must call for the arrest and imprisonment of those Democrats for their deliberate pursuit of destructive crimes against the United States of America. Schumer and Pelosi are not “representatives” of America, they are traitors of America and should be treated accordingly.

Trump represents America’s last stand against tyranny and destruction. That why I say if Trump needs to shut down the government for an entire year, he must do it. He cannot cave on the border wall or we lose this nation forever. If Trump needs to declare a national emergency, he must do it. If he needs to dispatch military police to arrest those who are conspiring to carry out acts of treason against the United States of America, he must know that We the People support such actions to their fullest.

This is the last line in the sand. If the Democrats succeed in stopping Trump now, they will overrun and decimate America, turning it into an authoritarian left-wing Hell hole — if, if you prefer Trump lingo, a s##thole country — that would make many Third World countries look advanced by comparison. Never forget: Migrants are fleeing s##thole countries for the obvious reason that they turned those countries into s##tholes first. No wonder they tend to vote for Democrats… because collapse, tyranny and desperation is exactly how they’re used to existing. To them, Democrat-run collapsing cities look incredibly familiar, as they resemble the collapsed s##thole economies run by socialists and radical Leftists throughout Central and South America. (I’ve lived in South America and toured many countries there. I know exactly what I’m talking about.)

To survive as a nation, the United States of America must defend its borders, halt illegal migration, enforce strong border security and remove Democrats from power. In fact, building the border wall is just one step out of many that need to follow. Next, President Trump must declare Mexican trafficking gangs to be terrorist organizations, then call for the arrest and indictment of the leaders of “sanctuary” cities for aiding and abetting those terrorist organizations.

It’s time to stop playing tiddly winks with Schumer, Pelosi and the Ocasio-Cortez tyrants-in-training. Defeat these destroyers, or be destroyed yourself. It’s as simple as that. Democrats are at war with America. It’s time that America stood up for itself and stopped allowing us all to be bullied by deranged, lunatic left-wing traitors who have sworn an oath to either rule over America or see it destroyed.

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God Bless America. #MAGA and defeat all enemies of this great nation, including the enemies within.

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